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Will Covid-19 Finally Force Discount Retailers To Embrace Online Selling?

The global pandemic has accelerated many trends in retail. Firstly, there is the move to online shopping, which grew during lockdown to represent nearly a third of all retail sales. The second is the continued growth of discount retailers.

Until now, discount stores have mostly lagged behind in terms of online selling due to their razor-thin profit margins, but will the pandemic finally force them to expand in to ecommerce?

The growth of the discount chains

With many consumers facing reduced household incomes and continued economic uncertainty, it’s no surprise that discount, or value retailers, have fared better than most during the pandemic.

For example, discount chain B&M, which sells cut-price household essentials, saw sales growth of 20% during lockdown. In the clothing sector, Primark saw sales higher than expected once their physical stores reopened, with queues outside

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