360-Access Helps Businesses Reach the 61 Million Americans Who Live with Disabilities

Online service provides a platform for businesses to share accessibility features with the Disability Community

Internationally, the disability market represents an annual disposable income of $1 trillion – $490 billion in the US alone. Those in the disability community not only desire, but need and deserve access to grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, entertainment venues and more. 360-Access, a new online service offered internationally by disability/woman-owned technology company Abator, serves as a tool to help businesses communicate their accessibility information with potential consumers who have disabilities.

Created by Madonna Long and Joanne Peterson, both of whom live with disabilities, 360-Access is a web portal where businesses create an account and complete a simple survey documenting their accessibility factors, such as sidewalk widths, bathroom accessibility, employees who know American Sign Language and much more. Once a survey is submitted, it is then reviewed and accepted into the 360-Access

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