How Fly Dinero Went from a 7th Grade Dropout to a Consulting Agent for the Biggest Pop Stars in the World

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2020 / Robert Vega bka “Fly Dinero” is the founder and CEO of Bales Inc, which is a consulting, design, and production agency. When Fly Dinero was 14 years old, he had the choice to work, go to school, or go to jail. Little did he know, his decision would change his life forever. One of Fly’s childhood friends suggested to him that he follow his dreams and become a graphic designer as a means to make money, which is exactly what he did. His passion for design, music, and entrepreneurship lead him down his path to becoming one of the biggest designers in the entertainment industry.

Entrepreneurs face extreme challenges when starting a business from scratch, and Fly Dinero is no exception. Coming from a background of extreme poverty, it was difficult for Fly to be able to establish a

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