Maximizing The Dimensions Of Scalability To Grow Business Intelligence

Co-Founder & Chief Executive at ChristianSteven Software, a report automation and business intelligence software company.

Business intelligence is best served when it is accessible to the broadest groups of people within your organization. Too many organizations have inadvertently developed a culture of “elite” analysts entitled to access this holy grail as if the untrained are incapable of envisioning new ways of viewing and experimenting with data. This is not to say there’s no need for a qualified cadre of data analysts capable of performing deep and complex dives. But the idea of compartmentalizing people into authorized and unauthorized data users limits the potential of your enterprise.

Instead, you should elevate the role of your data analysts so they can serve as data experts and mentors to the rest of your organization. This simplifies data analytics and empowers all users to learn how to leverage business intelligence to increase

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