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13 Key Steps To Developing A Go-To-Market Strategy

Business development professionals always have to be aware of the market’s latest trends and developments. The market ebbs and flows, but shows off specific trends. Business development professionals can leverage these trends to create an effective go-to market strategy.

The key is ensuring that this strategy is adaptable and able to pivot at a moment’s notice. With the volatility of individual markets, locking yourself into one rigid, inflexible approach can have dire consequences. A business needs to have a go-to system that works, but can take new information into account and adjust accordingly.

To help, 13 experts from Forbes Business Development Council offer their insight into the key steps someone in the business development industry should take when creating a go-to-market strategy.

1. Prioritize The Needs Of The Buyer


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Developing Credit Union Business in the Age of COVID

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Business development has never been easy, and when the pandemic hit, it became even more challenging. But credit unions have adapted by spotting new consumer trends and finding creative ways to keep their business development pipelines open. What’s more, because members are flocking to digital banking, credit unions have been leveraging technology solutions to grow their business development ­opportunities.


Ted Brown, cofounder of Digital Onboarding Inc. in Boston, said credit unions are essentially sitting on a business development gold mine among their current members, but are not necessarily equipped in the digital age to tap into it. He noted when branch lobbies were closed at the onset of the pandemic, everyone began moving to digital banking, and now that trend seems to be in hyper drive.

“We provide that platform to digitally engage members, providing good recommendations to those members about products and services that the credit

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Forbes School of Business & Technology’s Center for Women’s Leadership to Host Webinar on Developing Curiosity

Dr. Hamilton, chosen by Thinkers50 Radar as one of the world’s most innovative thinkers, creator of the Curiosity Code Index, and author of the book Cracking the Curiosity Code, will share the four factors that inhibit curiosity and ways to overcome them.

“While the mechanisms that correlate curiosity and effective decision-making at a workplace may not be gender-specific, we can agree that curiosity helps leaders become more motivated and efficient in a workplace,” said Dr. Maja Zelihic, department chair in the Forbes School of Business & Technology, and CWL board member. “We look forward to exploring this important topic and related leadership concepts more in depth during the webinar.”

According to Dr. Hamilton, “As women leaders, we must consider the value of modeling and fostering curiosity. When we admit we do not have all the answers, it allows us to embrace learning from others. Additionally, developing curiosity can

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