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These software developers ditched the daily stand-up. It was a good idea

Software company Haystack wanted to see how it could address burnout amongst its team.

Very few people enjoy meetings, and many will agree that constantly being pulled into huddles and stand-ups just takes valuable time away from actually getting stuff done.

The coronavirus pandemic has added another layer to this issue. While
video-conferencing tools

have created a means for us to stay in touch with our colleagues, organizations are still struggling to find a balance, leading to the rise of a new phenomenon informally dubbed
“Zoom fatigue”


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Software company Haystack recently found itself experiencing this first-hand. At the beginning of the March, the company appeared to be cruising along smoothly, successfully tackling issues, bugs and launching new features at top speed. However, things began to change quickly in mid-April, when productivity took a nosedive and a pattern of inactivity during the morning hours

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Developers unveil master plan for Chester waterfront | News

CHESTER — Stakeholders are not willing to let history repeat itself when it comes to economic downturns and redevelopment on the West End waterfront. Public and private officials unveiled the initial findings of the Riverfront Alliance of Delaware County’s Chester Master Waterfront Plan last week with a private media event at the Philadelphia Union’s Subaru Park, followed by a public Zoom meeting.

Boston-based architectural firm NBBJ, in consultation with Chicago-based Hunden Straetgic Advisors, laid out the plan for the area bounded by Highland Avenue to Norris Street and the Delaware River to Route 291. Early actions will begin this month, with full build out estimated over 15 years.

With NBBJ’s contract let last October, the plans were crafted over the course of the COVID-19 lockdowns after late 2019 meeting with local residents, business owners and other stakeholders. Officials are confident the plan will not die out as did the prior

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Plan commission sends Panda Express developers back to the drawing board | Crown Point

Crown Point City Hall — Stock

CROWN POINT — Panda Express representatives will have to literally go back to the drawing board before returning next month to the Plan Commission.

The Plan Commission deferred for 30 days a site development request from Valentino Mancini, project manager and an architect for Panda Express.

Project representatives are seeking the city’s approval for a 2,300-square-foot restaurant proposed for property on Broadway north of 109th Avenue.

Several on the Plan Commission, including planner Dan Rohaley, said he wasn’t happy with the architectural changes made following the meeting last month and presented on Monday.

“It still looks like a box,” Rohaley said.

City Councilwoman Laura Sauerman, a Plan Commission member, also voiced her concerns.

“I’m disappointed with the architectural changes because they are not as we

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Google Cloud’s Business Application Platform aims to court citizen, business developers with no-code approach

Google Cloud Platform is launching its Business Application Platform, which couples API management with no-code application development, automation and analytics.

The end game for Google Cloud is to cultivate citizen and business line developers in enterprises.

According to Google Cloud, the Business Application Platform builds on its Apigee API management and AppSheet no-code tools. Google Cloud said it will be adding features for multi-cloud architecture, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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The launch is being outlined at Google Cloud NextOnAir, its virtual conference. “Our focus is to add no code with a lot of enterprise capabilities,” said Amit Zavery, head of platform at Google Cloud, who added that API connections and managed services will enable both technical and line of business developers. 


Along with the Business Application Platform, Google Cloud launched the beta of the API Gateway, a managed offering to build and monitor APIs for its workloads and

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Will work from home be permanent? Many developers like the idea

As the pandemic drags on, the tech industry is leading the way in progressive work-from-home policies, and it’s set to drastically disrupt the way software developers work.

Google and Facebook have announced they will extend working from home for all employees until at least 2021; Twitter and Slack have told employees they can work from home “forever.” Such changes could signal a permanent shift in the way all companies view remote work.

The implications for developers are dramatic. Always in short supply, talented developers may no longer feel compelled to relocate as a condition of permanent employment, even at the most dynamic companies.

Take Stripe, the San Francisco-based fintech darling, which established a designated remote engineering hub in 2019, to complement its physical hubs in San Francisco, Seattle, Dublin, and Singapore.

“We are establishing a fifth hub that is less traditional but no less important: Remote,” CTO David Singleton wrote

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Developers plan mixed-use site at former HP campus in east Vancouver

At its peak in the 1990s, the former HP corporate campus in east Vancouver was one of the busiest office sites in the city, hosting more than 2,500 employees. But the company’s local employee count fell steeply in the following decade, culminating in HP’s 2009 decision to move to a smaller office and sell the campus to silicon wafer manufacturer SEH America.

Since then, the campus certainly hasn’t languished — it’s become a primary or satellite home for a variety of tenants, such as telecom company Allstream and engineering firm Sigma Design — but it also hasn’t managed to recapture the level of occupancy and activity that it once enjoyed.

Marc Esrig and Ron Schinik say they have a plan to change that.

The two real estate developers announced this summer that they had reached a deal to acquire the property through their New York-based development firm New Blueprint Partners.

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