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Community Members Band Together To Help Business Owners Impacted By Devastating Floral Park Fire

FLORAL PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The day after a devastating fire ripped through a row of stores on Long Island the neighborhood started coming together.

Residents and business owners were brainstorming ways to rebuild, CBS2’s Christina Fan reported Monday.

They say bad news travels fast. But in Floral Park, restaurant owner Paul Capoziello is finding out that kindness travels further.

“After a devastation or a tragedy like this, you really see how important you are to people when you don’t realize it,” Capoziello said.

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For 12 years, Capoziello’s restaurant, Capo, has faithfully served families, supported fundraisers, and most recently fed COVID-19 first responders.

His restaurant along with 10 other damaged or destroyed storefronts make up the popular and extremely beloved hub on Covert Avenue.

Nancy Millus, who has memories patronizing each one like so many other

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Congress’s failure to pass stimulus carries devastating consequences for workers, small businesses

  • Congress is gearing up for a major Supreme Court nomination battle, absorbing most of the attention away from another coronavirus relief bill.
  • The GOP’s swift action on the high court appointment is a stark contrast to their reluctance to approve additional stimulus spending earlier this year.
  • “It’s like coasting up a mountain where every further inch that you go, you risk stopping and begin to go backwards,” Evercore policy economist Ernie Tedeschi said.
  • The prospect of additional aid to individuals and businesses is extremely slim before Americans cast their ballots on November 3, given the Supreme Court battle underway.
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With a fierce Supreme Court replacement battle underway, Congress is shifting its attention away from passing another coronavirus relief package. Senate Republicans under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are moving swiftly to confirm a third Supreme Court justice appointed by President Donald Trump.

It’s a

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