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Bright idea? Co-op helps home and business owners determine whether solar energy is a good fit

YORK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Friday was a sunny day in Hampton Roads, just like three out of every five days throughout the year. People who are converting to solar are leveraging that fact to save money and help the environment.

The science of solar appeals to homeowner Gwyn Williams, a scientist himself. He powers his 1850 farmhouse in Yorktown with 21st century technology.

“There’s $100 worth of energy that lands on that roof every month from the sun, so the question is, can you harvest it?” Williams said.

For him, the answer to that question was the co-op known as Solar United Neighbors. That’s where he learned about solar, finding an installer, and the new meaning for the term “purchasing power.”

“They can gather about 60 customers at once, so you get volume discounts on panels,” Williams said.

Williams used to pay $5,000 a year for heating oil

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X1 Visa Credit Card Uses Income, Not Credit Score to Determine Your Spending Limit

The new X1 Visa Card, created by former Twitter execs with backing from PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, is planned for release this winter, and the company opened its waiting list this week. I signed up (there are about 23,000 people ahead of me). You might want to as well, because it sounds like the X1 card will be unlike any credit card you’ve seen before. And it could be especially useful for entrepreneurs.

What’s different about the X1?

1. It doesn’t use credit scores to determine your credit limit.

“The consumer credit card industry has been almost untouched by tech and has relied on the archaic credit score system,” co-founder and former Twitter exec Deepak Rao told TechCrunch. Instead, X1 determines how much credit to give you by looking at your current and future income. By comparison, your credit score is essentially a record of your past–how much debt you

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