YouTuber David Dobrik under fire for allegedly taking designer’s ideas without credit [Video]

On Sept. 18, TikTok user and designer Karim made a video that essentially served as a job application to help Dobrik with his latest venture.

That venture, launched in December 2019, was a social media platform similar to Instagram, only this one was exclusively for unedited and unfiltered photos similar to the ones on disposable cameras.

He also came up with a catchy name for the app: Dispo.

“Dude when you said Dispo I literally screamed. We’ll be reaching out!” Dobrik commented on Karim’s first video on Sept. 19.

On Oct. 7, the Wall Street Journal reported that Dobrik’s app had received $4 million in seed funding from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian’s new venture fend Seven Seven Six.

The official name of the app? Dispo.

According to Karim, Dobrik and Natalie Mariduena, Dobrik’s assistant and business parter, saw the designs and “loved them” .

However, after a “brief correspondence,” Karim

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