I’m One of the Few People ‘Back to Work’ in a Deserted Central London

As a concierge at a luxury residential building in central London, it’s important for me to be at my place of work to do my job – which largely entails answering the door and receiving packages. 

When the UK lockdown was announced in March, my employer sent me home to watch CCTV footage of an empty building from the comfort of my bedroom. I was happy to take a break from the centre of London, a place I’d come to detest for its chain restaurants, lack of decent pubs and endless crowds of people. 

Unfortunately, my WFH bliss came to an abrupt end at the start of June. A freak accident involving a sprinkler caused a huge flood in the building where I work, and it was decided that someone (me) needed to be at the premises again. I wasn’t pleased about having to return, but despite how little I

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