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Lohmann: ‘Life in a news desert’: In Caroline County, the loss of a newspaper hits home | Richmond Local News

“When the only newspaper in town goes down, my thought was, ‘I don’t have a lot of experience, but I’m better than nothing,’” said Tony Ares, a pastor who had done podcasting but had no formal training in journalism before he started The Virginia Connection.

Ares and his wife, Kim, kept the publication going for about a year before it became too much in terms of financial losses and long hours. They struggled to build an audience that could sustain them, in part because even though he tried to produce news that was “objective” and “down the middle,” he said he discovered “people are looking for affirmation, not information.”

Ares said in a phone interview this week that The Virginia Connection still has a Facebook page as he and his wife attempt to reboot and turn their enterprise into a statewide news aggregator, along the lines of Drudge Report. He

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Desert Adventures scales tourism business via cloud, web

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the tourism business, but that hasn’t stopped Desert Adventures Tourism from expanding thanks to a move to the cloud, the adoption of travel management software, and recent, new partnerships with online travel agencies (OTAs) that include dynamic links to booking apps. 

Though tourism has taken a hit this year, the overall historic trend has been toward increasing international travel. Given the sheer scale of the industry, it’s now clear that technology provides the foundation for sustainable, optimal growth, and that digital transformation is a necessity for any travel business to prosper in a field that has become more competitive as OTAs proliferate.

Desert Adventures Tourism, based in Dubai, has undergone a digital transformation that has allowed it to expand its business, even during the pandemic.

“From the context of Desert Adventures (DAT), digital opportunities have offered to us the ability to enter new markets

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