The Daily 202: Ivanka Trump’s ‘consulting fees’ and Rick Gates’s book underscore depths of presidential nepotism

According to tax returns obtained by the New York Times for a story published Sunday evening, Trump himself paid nothing in federal income tax that year. Obama had reduced his tax burden for 2011 by donating $172,130 to 39 charities, and he said at the time that he believed he should be paying more in taxes. Trump reduced his tax burden to nothing by, among other things, claiming gargantuan losses on various investments.

Trump paid no federal income taxes in 11 of 18 years that the Times obtained his confidential tax filings from. In 2017, after he took office, Trump’s tax bill was only $750. It was the same in 2018.

Attacking Obama for paying 20.5 percent of his income in taxes while paying nothing himself is just the latest illustration of Trump’s hypocrisy. He campaigns as a populist but governs as a plutocrat. Now the self-proclaimed billionaire seeks a

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