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Trump warns Biden’s tax plan would sink US economy into ‘depression’

If elected, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would repeal President Trump’s tax cuts and raise taxes by the “largest percentage” in the country’s history, the president warned Thursday night.

“He wants to take all that away,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity during an exclusive “Hannity” phone interview with less than a month to go before Election Day.

“So therefore, if you do nothing else, you’re raising taxes by the largest percentage in the history of our country. If … he terminated my tax cuts, which is one of the reasons that our economy has done so great even now in this pandemic. … But he’s looking to do big, big tax cuts, big, big tax increases, like at a level that’s never been seen.”

Trump said Biden’s tax plans would be a “disaster” and would put the country into

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FX Weekly: The Winter Depression

Macro News

Global: Equities have been receiving some support in the past two weeks following their bear retracement in September, which has stabilized price volatility (VIX is trading slightly below 30) and therefore generate preference for risk-on assets. Even though it seems that participants rushed to buy the dips in markets as they are confident that the stock market will continue to trend higher in the last quarter of 2020, we are very cautious as there are a lot of uncertainties coming forward, starting with US elections, Brexit and the possibilities of a second lockdown that will dramatically reduce growth expectations. Leading indicators such as global trade is not showing any signs of improvements and the lack of stimulus (both monetary and fiscal in the US) will certainly limit the upside gains in the equity market. We saw that China credit impulse is one of the few liquidity indicators showing

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Liverpool mum battled depression to build her own events and party business

A Liverpool mum who battled post-natal depression to build her successful children’s entertainment business has credited the support from The Prince’s Trust.

Lucie Campbell praised the charity as they mark the milestone of having helped one million young people across the UK since being founded in 1976.

The 40-year-old from Netherley set up her own business, Jumping Jacks, back in 2009 after turning to The Prince’s Trust for help after facing challenges including leaving home at 16, having a baby at 19 and then suffering from postnatal depression.

She told the ECHO: “Exercise really helped me with postnatal depression and I wanted to help others in a similar situation.

“At the time, I felt lonely. I had trouble sleeping, I would only get about three or four hours a night, I was worried all the time and wondering whether I was doing a good enough job as a mum.


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