Depasquale Tours Harrisburg Businesses Facing Down Pandemic Economic Woes

Sept. 20, 2020

To Anya Lumpkin-Queen, COVID-19 isn’t the only disease spreading like wildfire across the United States.

Lumpkin-Queen, who co-owns Queen’s BBQ in Harrisburg, and her husband Titus Queen, also see a virus of rancor and anger spreading among their fellow citizens. It’s most obvious every time someone yells about a mask requirement at a grocery store.

“If I tell you ‘hey, I don’t want you coming in because I don’t want to get anyone else sick,’ why are you mad?'” Lumpkin-Queen said Saturday.

And the source of this other pandemic, she said is clear: Washington D.C. and its dysfunctional politics.

Lumpkin-Queen’s story was one of many Democratic 10th Congressional candidate Eugene DePasquale, masked up, heard from small business owners hawking BBQ, habañero beer, and edible cookie dough during a morning jaunt through midtown Harrisburg.

The half dozen entrepreneurs he spoke to, from an art house movie theater

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