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What we learned from watching 10 hours of Joe Biden debates

  • Insider reviewed more than 10 hours of video footage from Joe Biden debates dating to the first of his three presidential campaigns in 1988, and as Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate.
  • Biden notched his best debate performances against Sarah Palin in 2008 and Paul Ryan in 2012. There, he sized up his opponents and appeared relaxed and confident.
  • During debates when he’s on a crowded stage of challengers, Biden has frequently stumbled. That’s something he won’t have to worry about during a one-on-one duel with President Trump.
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Joe Biden performs best in debates when he’s facing just one opponent and not on a crowded stage full of competitors. Despite his reputation as a gaffe machine, Biden is often a deliberate and confident speaker in big moments with the television cameras rolling.

Those are two of the main takeaways from an Insider review

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Congress debates leaning on Fed or PPP for small business aid

As small and medium sized businesses struggle to keep their doors open, policymakers are pointing their fingers at one another trying to figure out where support should come from.

In a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, members of Congress pressed the Federal Reserve to expand the scope of its emergency lending program to Main Street. 

But Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell countered that the central bank’s program is ill fitted for already debt-burdened businesses, suggesting that Congress prioritize more Paycheck Protection Program loans under the Small Business Administration.

“Trying to underwrite the credit of hundreds of thousands of very small businesses would be very difficult,” Powell said of the Fed’s Main Street Lending Program in testimony. “I think PPP is a better way to approach that space in the market and I think you are well advised to do that.”

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testifies during a House Financial Services Committee hearing on oversight of the Treasury Department's and Federal Reserve's coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic response on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 22, 2020. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/Pool
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testifies during a
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