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Fresno’s Precision River K9 Training linked to death or starvation of multiple dogs

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Outrage is growing against a Fresno pet training facility after several families say they’ve lost beloved dogs there.

The heartbroken pet owners are united in trying to find answers about missing, “diseased”, and deceased animals – with one common link – they were all under the care of Precision River K-9 Training in Fresno, run by Sarah Rose.

Action News obtained documents and veterinarian records from pet owners as part of our investigation.

We’ve built a timeline of their claims against the training facility.

In October 2019, a female pit bull named Stormie went to the facility for board and training. On February 4th this year, she died. Her picture was posted by a bully rescue. The rescue is still trying to get vet records and piece together how and why Stormie died.

On August 5th, two Doberman puppies, King and Kano, went in for training

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How the death of business travel will change your next vacation

If you ever brought your spouse with you to a conference in Las Vegas, tacked on a weekend in the Keys after a site visit in Miami, or took in the Christmas markets in Salzburg following a meeting in Munich, you were part of a burgeoning trend in travel: the bleisure trip.

A loosely defined category where business and leisure converge, bleisure typically refers to a person vacationing at a destination before or after visiting for a work-related purpose. A 2016 survey by Expedia Group Media Solutions found that bleisure travelers worldwide turned 43 percent of their business trips into vacations. That figure increased to 60 percent by 2018, with an average extension of close to three nights. Younger professionals were particularly fond of the practice: In 2019, a National Car Rental survey reported that 90 percent of millennial business travelers added leisure components to their trips.

Then came 2020,

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How the Design Business of Beloved Writer Julia Reed Is Carrying On After Her Death

Keith Smythe Meacham sets a table with Ginori 1735 plates and a Cabana tablecloth. She cofounded her business with Julia Reed.

Photo: Courtesy of Reed Symthe

“The origin story of Reed Smythe is very sweet because it was founded in friendship,” Keith Smythe Meacham explains to AD PRO. Reed Smythe & Company, founded in 2018, is an online shop trading in artisanal home goods produced by craftspeople and artists scattered across the United States. It was founded by Meacham, an entrepreneur with a background in education technology, and celebrated journalist Julia Reed. “Julia and I grew up in the same town in the Mississippi Delta but 10 years apart, so we inhabited the same world,” adds Meacham. Reed passed away last month after a long battle with cancer, leaving a legacy as an “irreverent, expansive chronicler of politics, food, and Southern life,” as the New York Times put it.


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Who Is Daniel Silva? Facts About ‘Ink Master’ Star Sentenced In Corey La Barrie’s Death Case


  • Daniel Silva had previous run-ins with the law before his arrest in May for the death of YouTuber Corey La Barrie
  • He was arrested at 19 for being involved in the drug trade
  • Silva gained popularity following his appearance in Season 10 of “Ink Master”

“Ink Master” star Daniel Silva had previous run-ins with the law before he was sentenced to a year of jail time for his involvement in the death of YouTuber Corey La Barrie on Tuesday.

Silva, a 27-year-old popular tattoo artist, revealed in a previous interview with Disrupt Magazine that he did not have an easy time during his high school days. Following his parents’ divorce, Silva took to the streets and got involved in the drug trade, which saw him being sent to a juvenile hall with a five-month sentence and six months of house arrest.

After his release, he was disowned and

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