Scott Case Lights Up DC Startup Week, Gets Real with DC’s Power Players

Founders and Executives from Revolution, FiscalNote, Optoro and others have candid conversations about their entrepreneurial journey amid the chaos of now

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Scott Case, the technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur well-known as the founding CTO of views the pandemic as an awesome opportunity. As Co-founder and CEO of Upside Business Travel — a DC-based startup  — Case has been meeting hundreds of founders to share ideas and advice on how to win during the pandemic and beyond.

“There’s no fixed formula for dealing with an existential threat, especially a global pandemic or recession. The uncertainty is off the charts,” said Case. “As a founder who’s survived and failed in chaos like this before, I want to engage and support other founders and play offense so they’re set up to thrive, not just survive, this great reset.”

To do this, Case created /Founders Focus

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