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Blackstone+Cullen Partner with Activ Technologies to Launch Glimpse, a Business Intelligence Dashboard Platform

ATLANTA, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Activ Technologies and Blackstone+Cullen announced their partnership to launch Glimpse, a business intelligence dashboard platform offered by Blackstone+Cullen. Powered by ActiVate® for the data integration, Glimpse by Blackstone+Cullen transforms data to visualize and present real-time actionable insights for organizational decision-making.

Blackstone and Cullen President Lee Blackstone stated, “Glimpse’s rapid implementation is enabled by the ActiVate platform, which doesn’t require the construction of a data warehouse or data mart. The short implementation schedule delivers actionable results quickly and provides the shortest path to maximum profit.”

Using ActiVate (https://activtech.com/digital-supply-chain-network/) for data integration, Glimpse (https://www.dayoneready.com/) offers fast implementation—less than two months versus the typical six months or more for on-premise solutions. The library of configurable dashboard templates and API connectors promote easily configurable dashboards supplying a business intelligence view to enable better decision-making. Glimpse dashboards cover financials, sales, marketing, supply chain, and much more. Data in

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seedership Launches a Free Digital Measurement Dashboard to Track Small Business Giving

Measure Package gives small business owners one view of everything they give back to better understand their total community investment

Today, seedership announced a free Measure package on its community giving storytelling platform. Available nationwide, the package enables small businesses to bring together everything they give back into one visual dashboard for greater clarity and transparency around what they invest back into their communities.

Our 2020 Spring into Kindness Small Business Study found that while 95% of small businesses stated they track their giving, most track only the monetary value ─ either as money donated (73%) or money raised (30%), yet the picture gets hazier around other giving components, such as time volunteered and in-kind gifts. As a result, they undervalue what they give back.

“Even though small businesses continue to face uncertainty and hardships as they adapt to the pandemic, they have stepped up and taken leadership in supporting

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