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NICE to Showcase Strategies for Driving Agile Customer and Employee Experiences

New thought leadership focused virtual events bring together acclaimed industry and product experts delivering insights on boosting performance and satisfaction using analytics, automation, cloud and WFM

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced the launch of new virtual events presenting thought leadership and best practices for ensuring extraordinary experiences in the face of dynamic change. While many organizations have ensured business continuity by having employees operate remotely from home or in hybrid remote/in-office environments, neither the pandemic nor the pace of change is showing signs of abating. Agility in understanding the implications of change and swiftly making critical decisions that drive unparalleled customer and employee satisfaction is pivotal to business success. This series of virtual events, named ‘Agile Customer Experience: Leadership for a New Reality’ will demonstrate how organizations can leverage intelligent analytics, automation, cloud and WFM technology to deliver agile customer experiences that generate loyalty. For more information or to sign

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Recalibrating Your Customer Analytics Strategy

Businesses must adapt their approach to analytics and AI to factor in post-pandemic buying behavior

The pandemic-induced recession is the tipping point that is forcing businesses to accelerate the digital transformation of their commercial models.  New research from the Wharton Business School in collaboration with Forbes confirms business leaders are shifting their budgets and management focus in digital channels to gain access to buyers, support virtual selling, and replace traffic and eyeballs from face-to-face trade shows, events and storefronts.

The research into the strategies and spending patterns of 352 CMOs confirmed the pandemic is accelerating efforts to make the go-to-market model more digital, data-driven, and measurable. 88% of CMOs view the pandemic as a big opportunity to change the way they reach and engage customers. This is something they have been pushing their boards to do for years and now they are actively reshaping their

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How Microsoft’s customer data tools are competing with Salesforce

  • Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 tools for customer service and financial planning, are becoming an increasingly important part of its business, particularly its customer data platform.
  • Microsoft’s customer data platform is meant to help companies collect customer information in one central place, so that they can use it to improve customer service. 
  • Dynamics 365 as a whole has the potential to become a much bigger and stronger competitor to Salesforce in the customer data space, Futurum Research analyst Dan Newman told Business Insider. 
  • Microsoft’s product is designed to connect to any data collection tool, whether Microsoft owns it or not, which gives customers more flexibility than Salesforce does, he said. 
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Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 tools for customer service and financial planning, are becoming an increasingly important part of its business and seeing healthy growth, too: Last quarter the product’s revenue jumped 38% year-over-year.

The centerpiece of

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5 Experts Share CX Insights For National Customer Service Week

Since the mid-1980s, companies across the country have used the first full workweek in October to celebrate National Customer Service Week. The week, which the U.S. Congress proclaimed a national event in 1992, has a twofold mission to not only encourage organizations to recognize their customer service representatives’ hard work, but also highlight the critical role that customer service plays in successfully running a business.

Owing to the challenges introduced by COVID-19, this year’s event—set for Oct. 5-9—will certainly have a different tone, but it would be unwise to abandon the celebration altogether. After all, the quality of service can make or break customer retention in the best of times, but data from McKinsey & Co. shows that the pandemic has driven a bigger change in consumer behavior. Since the pandemic began, 77% of consumers have abandoned brand loyalties in favor of testing out new products and brands.

In this 

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Customer Service Week: A Time to Celebrate Customers AND Employees

It’s my favorite time of year… the leaves change from green to gold to red, there’s a chill in the air and the holidays are right around the corner.

And of course, one of my favorite “holidays” is National Customer Service Week, which happens the first full week of October each year. This year it’s October 5-9. Traditionally, Customer Service Week has been the time to highlight and celebrate the great work employees do to take care of their customers. I also believe it’s a time to think about our customers as well.

With that in mind, as this week approaches, now is a great time to ask an important question: What do customers want? Simply, customers want a good experience, and customer service plays a big part in that. It’s more than just the front line interacting with customers. If you have been following my work, you know my

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Bosch and Broadly Announce Collaboration to Provide World-Class Auto Shops With Premium Online Customer Experiences

OAKLAND, Calif., Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Bosch and Broadly have entered into a strategic go-to-market collaboration, uniting Bosch Car Service, one of the world’s largest independent chain of workshops backed by the resources, capabilities and first-class expertise of the Bosch team, with Broadly’s unrivaled reputation management and customer communications tools. 

Bosch and Broadly are a dynamic combination, bringing together two influential service providers who have the utmost commitment to delivering outstanding quality service to independent auto shop owners and their customers. Through this collaboration, Bosch Car Service shops will now have access to the Broadly platform — which integrates with current shop management tools and infrastructure — along with training programs to help them grow and up level their businesses.

Broadly is already helping thousands of independent shop owners across the United States grow successful businesses through a variety of high impact features — including Web Chat, Text

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Alliance Data Launches Market-Leading Online Payment Features with Enhanced Digital Suite, Driving Customer Acquisition and Spend

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alliance Data Systems Corporation (NYSE: ADS), a leading provider of data-driven marketing, loyalty and payment solutions, today announced its Card Services business, a provider of market-leading private label, co-brand and commercial credit card programs, has launched its new Enhanced Digital Suite. A group of marketing and credit applications features designed to increase customer awareness and adoption of payment options by promoting credit earlier in the shopping experience, Enhanced Digital Suite is a comprehensive solution for brand partners designed to capitalize on online trends while increasing sales and customer acquisition rates.

Strategic Digital Features Align with Online Growth
In recent months, e-commerce platforms have quickly replaced physical shopping channels, with 10 years of growth occurring in just 90 days1. Enhanced Digital Suite reflects the changing landscape by creating a seamless process for customers to adopt, apply for and use payment options online.

Through the

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How to foster customer and brand loyalty for your business

  • If you’re at risk of closing during the pandemic, fostering brand loyalty and retaining existing customers are critical strategies for survival.
  • Business owners and marketing experts offered tips on cultivating emotional, lasting relationships with customers.
  • When it comes to meeting customers’ evolving needs, trust needs to be the foundation of any relationship in any industry.
  • Aim to delight rather than simply satisfy customers by promoting relevant services, excellent customer services, and digital offerings.
  • During ongoing economic and political crises, customers are resonating with businesses and brands that are openly sharing their stances and taking action. 
  • This article is part of a series called Resources for Resilience, focused on providing tips and inspiration for small businesses who are learning how to survive and thrive in today’s economy.

With the economy on shaky ground and unemployment growing, consumers have reined in their spending. This is putting businesses in a tough spot, but

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Strigo Secures $8 Million Series A for its Customer Training Cloud After Tripling Customer Base During COVID-19

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Strigo today announced that it has tripled its customer base since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and closed an $8 million Series A financing round. The new investment was led by Velvet Sea Ventures and existing investor Greycroft with participation from Hanaco, the company’s lead seed investor.

Companies including Elastic, Mirantis, NCR, VMWare, Sage, and Zenika have adopted Strigo’s unified platform to deliver remote instructor-led, on-demand and third-party training.

Strigo’s Customer Training Cloud drives growth and retention by empowering customers throughout their relationship with the product knowledge and skills they need to maximize customer success. Customer training has become a critical business driver and software companies are making significant investments to scale and improve the quality of their training. With many software companies working remotely for the foreseeable future, Strigo has become an essential tool to drive customer success.

Strigo’s clients

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Prioritizing customer relationships helps businesses become disruption-proof

One of the greatest barriers to digital transformation success is that many companies place too great a focus on the ‘what’ at the expense of the ‘why and how’ – purpose and people. My colleague Henry King and I refer to this as “Relationship Transformation” or RTx. Without focusing on purpose and people, digital transformation efforts are likely to meander or even fail. This is especially true during these times of COVID-19 disruption.

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time with Katie McNamara, Chief Strategy and Customer Officer with Super Retail Group, and hear about how her organization, with 670+ stores across Australia and New Zealand, was faring through the pandemic – a crisis for bricks and mortar non-essential retail. It’s a story of resilience against an array of disruptors beyond the pandemic.
“People use the word ‘unprecedented’ a lot,” McNamara told me. “But for us it was unprecedented

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