Currensea issues SME Open Banking travel card

British fintech Currensea is today launching a first-of-its-kind open banking debit card for small businesses, enabling them to make international transactions through their existing bank account without any of the charges and with low fees competitive with the leading challenger banks.

The new debit Mastercard frees users of the hassle, admin and due diligence required when creating and managing multiple business accounts. Currensea also offers 16 interbank currencies, including the South African Rand and Thai Baht, which no other UK provider currently offers fee-free. Its physical cards are developed by payment services provider, allpay.

Currensea’s business debit card costs just £5 a month – or £50 for 12 months – and comes with features including:

The best exchange rates possible
0% FX charge, compared to the average 3.25% bank charge
16 interbank currencies
24/7 interbank exchange rates
Zero ATM withdrawal fee up to £500/month
No hidden charges

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