3 Reasons Every Business Should Hire A CSO (Chief Sound Officer)

Three primary areas in which any future-facing business could benefit by hiring a Chief Sound Officer are:

  1. Customer Satisfaction and Wellbeing
  2. Employee Health and Productivity 
  3. Market Relevance and ROI 

While one article cannot possibly cover all the applications of sound, offer the abundance of research validation, nor touch upon every market sector, I hope to provide you with a little context and a few examples of how the value and impact of business can be amplified through the power of sound. 

The Decade of Sound

In his keynote address to the Audio Collaborative last November, HARMAN’s President of Consumer Audio Division Carsten Olesen announced that we were entering a sound-first era – one that HARMAN called the “Decade of Sound”. 

Coming from one of the world’s largest consumer audio groups (including AKG, Crown, Harmon Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Studer, Ban & Olufson, Lexicon, and more), this could sound like little

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