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Swiss Central Bank Faces Crunch Talks on Work Culture Crisis

(Bloomberg) — Thomas Jordan’s biggest personnel crisis since the Swiss National Bank president took the helm eight years ago is about to come to a head.


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The central-bank chief has already been forced to defend his institution publicly over media reports claiming the work culture under his leadership discriminates against women. Now lawmakers are scrutinizing the matter, and Jordan is due to meet with his supervisory board — the Bank Council — on Monday to discuss the merit of the allegations.

“The SNB cannot afford such a blow to its reputation,” Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher, a lawmaker for the pro-business Free Democrats, said in an interview. “It’s a wake-up call for the SNB’s Bank Council.”

A spokeswoman for the central bank declined to comment on the upcoming meeting.

The storm brewing behind the austere neo-Renaissance facade of the SNB’s 1920s-era headquarters in Zurich is an embarrassing distraction for one of

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Retirement Strategy: It’s Crunch Time And You’ve Been Flying Blind Into Retirement

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I know it might be hard to believe, but not everyone reads Seeking Alpha and even fewer have a clue about a retirement plan of any kind. Actually, only about 50% of the population invest and among those who do, 80% of the wealth is held by about 10% of the population. Just as bad are the average retirement savings of those that are now heading into the sunset. Here is some good news, though:

If you have even $1 saved for retirement, it might surprise you to know that you’re doing better than a lot of other Americans. A recent Federal Reserve report found that nearly a quarter of working Americans don’t have any retirement savings at all. This problem was worst among adults 18 to 29, with 42% saying they hadn’t started saving, but perhaps more concerning is the 13% of Americans 60 and older who

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