The Harvard Crimson

In late May, Whitney L. Schroeder ’21 zipped up her hazmat suit. “It was the whole thing,” she recalled: boots, goggles, masks, and four gloves, two for each hand. She, along with other EMTs, boarded the ambulance and headed toward a potential COVID-19 patient.

After delivering the patient to the hospital, they decontaminated the ambulance: taking off their personal protection equipment in a specific order so as not to contaminate their clothing, bleaching everything in the ambulance and rolling the stretcher outside to bleach that too, then letting the bleach soak for as long as possible. Lots and lots of bleach, she remembers.

CrimsonEMS, a branch of Harvard University Health Services, allows students to become fully certified EMTs after completing the required spring training course. Before students were sent home in March, CrimsonEMS responsibilities were confined to Harvard’s campus. Members were required to dedicate at least five hours a week

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