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Retribution Crashes WWE Raw Main Event, Attacks Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee and The Hurt Business

The main event of this week’s Monday Night Raw saw Keith Lee take on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in what could have been a massive match. Earlier in the night, it was announced that — if Randy Orton was unable to compete at Clash of Champions — Lee would become the new No. 1 contender if he successfully defeated “The Scottish Psychopath.” Unfortunately, the match was thrown out before a winner could be chosen, as the masked group Retribution surrounded the ring and jumped both men. The four members of The Hurt Business, who signed on to be Raw’s security against the group earlier in the show, arrived on the scene and attacked the group.

McIntyre and Lee eventually regained consciousness and hit both factions with dives outside the ring. The show went off the air with everyone on the ground except the two babyfaces.

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The Maine Idea: Who’s responsible for economic crashes?

As he careens into the final weeks of his re-election campaign, Donald Trump faces discouraging numbers. Recent aggregated polling tells an interesting story – more interesting than the “convention bounce” narratives that proliferated for, well, a few days.

On his handling of the pandemic, the numbers are dismal – an 18-point gap, with 58% viewing Trump unfavorably; on his chaotic foreign policy, dismissing allies and coddling Vladimir Putin, he’s down by 13 points. Yet on the economy, there’s a ray of hope for the president’s supporters: favorable by 1%.

That reputation is undeserved. Fact is, since the Eisenhower administration, every eight years featuring Democratic presidents has shown better real economic growth than the Republican years before – without exception.

You never hear this, for two reasons: Democrats rarely talk about it, let alone brag about it. And, ever since Abe Lincoln, Republicans have been the party of big business; people

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