Crafty Roslyn Moms Launch Mask-Holder Business In Coronavirus Era

ROSLYN, NY — After the coronavirus forced millions of New Yorkers out of work and threatened to close thousands of businesses, two Roslyn moms saw an opportunity. They got creative, launched a new business selling mask-holders, and now have a flourishing enterprise — even getting actress Idina Menzel, known best for voicing Elsa in the hit Disney film “Frozen,” to wear their product.

Andrea Heitner and Andrea Weisbach — they collectively call themselves “The Andreas” — in July came to a realization: masks and face coverings were here to stay. But they weren’t very comfortable, or fashionable for that matter.

Weisbach is the mother to four boys and Heitner is the mother of two boys and a girl. All range in age from 17 to 24. They noticed a pattern — their kids and husbands would leave and immediately have to return home. They forgot their masks. In some cases,

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