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6 Best Gift Ideas For Your Boss Or Co-worker

People from your workplace can sometimes serve as your second family. Showing appreciation to your bosses or co-workers could go a long way in terms of building rapport. You can do this by exchanging pleasantries, but nothing says you are grateful for their help and mentorship like giving them a present.

Choosing a gift for your boss could be perplexing, and there is a fine line between giving a thoughtful gift and looking like you are seeking favors from them. Fortunately, there are many “neutral” gifts for you to choose from.

1. Day Planner

Day Planner Day Planners are great to let your boss know you care about their schedule Photo: Agiftpersonalized

A desk calendar or planner is not only well within anyone’s budget, it also shows you notice their hard work and that you’ve got their backs in planning their days out. Your “always busy” boss will now have the perfect

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Uber for Business pilots coworker carpools to get people back to the office

Uber has announced a couple of notable updates to its business-focused platform, as the ride-hail giant seeks fresh revenue streams after a turbulent six months that saw gross ride bookings fall by up to 73% on last year.

The launch also comes as businesses figure out a way to safely exit lockdown and return their workers to offices and warehouses without enduring crowded public transit — something that Uber’s latest services go some way toward addressing. In the coming weeks Uber is introducing a new group rides product for employees, enabling companies to organize journeys for workers to travel together — it’s essentially a carpool for coworkers.

Employees hit the “choose group rides” button in the main Uber app, and Uber then matches them with fellow workers traveling roughly in the same direction.

Above: Uber: Carpool for coworkers

Ride-sharing is perhaps not the most alluring prospect during a global pandemic,

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