How A Dozen Cousins Revitalized The Magic Bean And Landed On Target Shelves

Ibraheem Basir launched his business, A Dozen Cousins, to meld his joy for food with his passion for health and sustainability. The company makes ready-to-eat beans in pouches that are laced with the flavors of the southern U.S. and Latin America. Basir comes from a large family, and when his daughter was born, she became the “dozenth cousin,” hence the company’s name.

Just two years into his journey, Basir is launching into Target on the West Coast today. In celebration of the launch, he goes deep on why he loves beans, how to break into retail, and his advice for aspiring food entrepreneurs.  

Why did you start a Dozen Cousins?

I grew up in Brooklyn in a really big family. I have 9 siblings, and 11 nieces and nephews. My daughter was the 12th cousin, which

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