Best online learning platforms in 2020: LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, MasterClass, and more

It’s a very strange time. On the one hand, we have the pandemic and extreme political and societal unrest. In many ways (I’m looking at you, Facebook), the internet hasn’t helped and has instead fanned the flames. But the internet is also making it possible for many of us to make it through this dumpster fire of a year with a degree of moderate success.

One area where the internet is enabling and empowering is education. Last week, we showed some of the best learning management systems that allow universities, colleges, businesses, and organizations to manage the process of learning, from attendance to grading to interacting with students. That was essentially about how to manage the process of learning.

This article is about the learning itself. Below, we spotlight a baker’s dozen of online learning platforms. There are literally hundreds of these things out there — online services with large

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