Counterintuitive Ideas For Antifragile Entrepreneurship

While the importance of resilience has been understood for a long time, Nicholas Nassim Taleb has built a movement around the idea of being antifragile. Part mathematics, part philosophy, and with a healthy heap of scorn for conventional wisdom, his Incerto series lays out a collection of principles, many counterintuitive to what entrepreneurs are widely taught, for how to design systems that improve rather than break down in the presence of disorder. 

Design your company for resilience rather than speed.

There’s an old saying that the key to entrepreneurship is putting yourself in a position to be lucky. Given the failure rate of even venture-backed companies, what that really means is surviving long enough to get lucky. Research shows that successful exits take at least 8 years. As an entrepreneur, think about how the decisions you make will put you in a position to survive the eight years of uncertainty

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