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How Business Owners Can Make Charitable Contributions Count Toward Tax Write-Offs In 2020

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Business owners make mistakes all the time. For the everyday entrepreneur, mistakes are just lessons to be learned. My client, a successful CEO named Marco, was just 24 years old when he learned that if you are going to make a big contribution to charity and expect to receive a tax write-off, before you go buying a large presentation check, make sure to do some tax planning. Marco had written a $2,000 check to his favorite local nonprofit and had planned a whole scene for how he was going to deliver the gift. He remembered to write a real check to the charity; however, he forgot to inform his tax advisor before writing the check in his business name.

As a business owner, you may be thinking of additional

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Re-Approaching Voting: Make your vote count!

550,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in the 2020 primaries, disproportionately disenfranchising young voters and people of color. How do you make sure your vote is counted in November?

We hear over and over that the upcoming election is undoubtedly the most important of our lifetime, and that we must make our voices heard this year. 2020 has been incredibly challenging for all of us.

As students, we’re all pretty new to voting. And we know that with the current political, public health and economic crises, coupled with cuts in USPS funding, voting may feel stressful and inaccessible. Democrats and Republicans alike are uniting to fight disinformation and defuse partisanship around vote-by-mail to ensure safe elections this year. Luckily, this past summer we took a deep dive into elections and voting through our work with the Stanford Law and Policy Lab. We learned just how easy it is to disenfranchise youth

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3 Ways for Small Business Owners to Make Their Vote Count

On November 3, as usual, small business owners will bring one of the highest voter turnouts of any group, with 93 percent of owners expected to vote in this year’s presidential election. Your business probably shares a lot of the same concerns with other small business owners, especially in these pandemic-stressed times. 

Politicians looking to win the small business vote should start by addressing the two largest barriers to entry entrepreneurs face when starting a business: access to capital and the implicit bias in capital decisions that limits opportunities for the New Majority of small business owners. In the last 10 years, New Majority entrepreneurs have represented more than 50% of new businesses started in this country, creating 4.7 million new jobs, yet these owners are largely excluded in funding. Only 5.5 percent of women-owned businesses in the U.S. access capital from banks or other financial institutions compared to 11.4

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Count votes before talking about Colorado high school football, Gov. Polis

Thank you, Denver Nuggets.

Up until Friday night’s season-saving comeback from 16 points down against the Los Angeles Clippers, there wasn’t a whole lot of sunshine this week in the world of Colorado sports. (Actually, there was snow.)

From the “As the World Turns” daytime drama surrounding the fate of Colorado high school football, to Von Miller’s potentially season-ending tendon injury, to the Rockies’ persistent nosedive —  we needed that, Nuggs.

We needed that bad.

Gov. Jared Polis — D+

Once upon a time, we expected our politicians to think before they spoke. That’s apparently too much to ask these days.

In what essentially amounted to one big 24-hour tease, Polis floated the possibility Tuesday of Colorado high school football returning this fall — then watched as CHSAA’s governing board unanimously voted down the idea less than 24 hours later.

A few days after that? Fall football was back on

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