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Hard-hit Peru’s costly bet on cheap COVID-19 antibody tests


FILE – In this April 15, 2020 file photo, a healthcare worker testing for the new coronavirus monitors the results of antibody tests, inside a home in Lima, Peru. Peru imported millions of COVID-9 antibody tests to detect infections, even though they are not designed to identify active cases. Some have been banned from distribution in the United States after being found faulty.


In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the harried health officials of Peru faced a quandary. They knew molecular tests for COVID-19 were the best option to detect the virus – yet they didn’t have the labs, the supplies, or the technicians to make them work.

But there was a cheaper alternative — antibody tests, mostly from China, that were flooding the market at a fraction of the price and could deliver a positive or negative result within minutes of a

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Mistakes costly for QB Haskins in team’s 2nd loss in a row

Ron Rivera continues to support Dwayne Haskins a day after the quarterback’s four-turnover game, only this time it came with a qualifier.

Washington’s coach said he believes there is eventually a “cutoff point” in the long-term evaluation of a young quarterback such as Haskins, though he will remain the starter Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens with Washington on a two-game losing streak.

“He’s developing, but we’ve got to continue to see positive growth. We can’t see a regression,” Rivera said Monday. “The one thing he has to understand is there’s a certain point where you’re no longer a rookie. Again, to me he’s still learning and growing. But there’s a point where, hey, you know what, you should be more positive with your throwing plays.”

Haskins’ three interceptions in the 34-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns were his first three of the season. The Browns turned each of them into

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One of Ohio’s Top Business Tax Reduction Consultants, Ken Byers, Co-Authors New Book on How to Avoid Costly Retirement Mistakes

CINCINNATI, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Building a successful, closely held business is one thing. Successfully preserving, protecting and passing on that wealth is another, according to Ken Byers, ChFC®, AEP®, CLU®, Co-Author of the book, “Retire Abundantly.”

Business owners will gain wisdom, principles and practical advice on how to enjoy a great retirement and leave a lasting legacy.

Byers shares, “Only three percent of all Americans have been able to accumulate one million dollars or more, which makes that group extraordinary, and many of those are closely-held business owners. Most don’t understand that building a successful business is not the same as getting the money out of the business. We are on a mission to show first generation closely-held business owners how to move money out of their business on a tax preferred basis.”

Successful business owners with accumulated wealth face

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Watchdog review finds issues with costly incentive programs


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