Trump administration set to make it tough for US cos to hire H-1B visa holders – world news

The Trump administration plans to make it harder for US companies to hire foreign workers on H-1B non-immigrant short-term visas, by narrowing the definition of “speciality” occupation and raising minimum wages for the employees.

Both measures are intended to ensure American workers were not displaced or denied jobs because of cheaper foreign workers. Critics of the H-1B programme argue that US companies are hiring foreign workers to displace American ones, and that they are not highly skilled as they ought to be. More than 70% of these H-1B visas go to Indians hired by US companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, and US subsidiaries of Indian IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro and TCS.

Office of Management and Budget of the White House has posted a notice on its website saying a review was under way of H-1B and other visas, but no details were available.

White House

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