Five Business Lessons From Co-Founder Cortney Novogratz

Growing up, so many of us are advised to “do what you love.” But making that happen can prove to be a challenge.

Cortney Novogratz founded design company Novogratz with her husband Robert Novogratz after renovating a townhome in New York City.

“We love what we do and we don’t know if we found our passion or if our passion found us, but building a brand is a lot harder than one can imagine,” Novogratz says. “It’s taken us time, energy, luck and we’re always excited to do more.”

Since then, they’ve spent the last 25 years developing and designing homes, offices, buildings and hotels — among other projects.

“From day one, we wanted to share what we loved with the world,” Novogratz says. “A great space is like good music, it affects you emotionally. We knew that if we could bring high-end design at affordable

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