Rethinking business: Disruptions like the corona crisis also create new opportunities

Changes in the external environment always affect the success of companies and may even tilt previously valid laws of business off balance. In a new study, Jan Recker, Chair for Information Systems and Systems Development at the University of Cologne’s Faculty of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences, writes that companies should learn to recognize and use these disruptive changes – currently the worldwide corona pandemic – to their advantage. His paper ‘External Enablement of New Venture Creation: A Framework’ has been published in Academy of Management Perspectives.

‘If you want to survive in a “post-Covid-19 world”, you should pause and question your current strategy. Every crisis leads to change. But that also means that crises can lead to new, even better business strategies. A look at the global financial crisis of 2008 confirms this’, said Recker. The financial crisis gave rise to start-ups like Airbnb and Uber. Previously,

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