Experts say the perfect VC pitch highlights plans to thwart copycats

  • Despite the pandemic, there’s still VC funding available to startups. However, early-stage companies are facing stiff competition in today’s  market. To score an investment, founders must nail their pitch. 
  • Betsy Bluestone, of Procter & Gamble’s internal studio that partners with startups, and Vanessa Dawson, founder of funding platform Vinetta Project, told Business Insider the five ways to perfect a VC pitch.
  • Small business owners must have a solid team, data to back up their claims, and protection of their ideas.
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The coronavirus pandemic has severely altered the state of business for many founders, but one thing hasn’t changed: There’s venture capital money up for grabs.

As of June 30, $69.1 billion in VC money has been allocated, which is a strong start for the year, according to data and research firm Pitchbook. However, the number of companies receiving VC funds for the first

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