Virginia business owner cooks up a plan to help working parents with online schooling

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — “So, once again, what are we making today?” asked cooking instructor Ellen Victoria Luckey. 

“Pasta,” her class replied in unison.

It was a summer day and spaghetti made from scratch was on the menu at the kid’s cooking camp inside Victoria’s Kitchen.

“You want to grab your flour. Crack one egg at a time,” Luckey directs the students.  The class was loving it as they created wells in their flour and carefully mixed in the egg.

Children make pasta at Victoria's Kitchen in Richmond, Virginia (WRIC Photo/Kerri O'Brien)
Children make pasta at Victoria’s Kitchen in Richmond, Virginia (WRIC Photo/Kerri O’Brien)

Joy Reed’s 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, was among them. Joy Reed said the socially-distant summer program in Richmond, Virginia, was an educational experience for Sophia.

“It taught Sophia a lot of life skills,” Reed said. Yet, Reed was worried about her daughter and school in the fall. With the coronavirus still a concern, Chesterfield County Schools, where Sophia is

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