GCSIT Named a Most Promising Dell Consulting/Service Company

SEATTLE, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, CIO Review released its annual listing of ten (10) companies at the forefront of providing Dell consulting/services and transforming business. GCSIT is named as being perfectly poised to assist organizations in developing the overall hybrid-cloud strategy to ensure complete alignment with business objectives, conceptual architecture, technology choices, change management plan, operational impact, and rational roadmaps.

“GCSIT is honored to have been selected for this prestigious award,” said Michael Norring, President and CEO at GCSIT. “We have an amazing group of dedicated professionals intensely committed to supporting our customers. Together, we inspire, then empower our customers to ready their business to better handle complex and dynamic infrastructure challenges by readying their infrastructure for continuous innovation”.

Helping Customers Face the Challenge of Building a Modern Infrastructure
Now, more than ever, businesses can equip themselves with

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