Xbox’s next-generation strategy threatens to disrupt the console business l Opinion

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I woke up yesterday morning to a string of emails and messages from people asking for my thoughts on the Xbox Series S reveal.

Is this going to change the game in terms of who buys consoles at the start of a new generation? How much of a blow is this $299/£249 price going to be for PlayStation? Will consumers understand what the hell is going on with all these different configurations? Is it fair to even call this new console a next-gen device?

I sat back for a good few moments, thought about historical precedents and my own accrued knowledge from decades analysing the video games market, before replying the same answer to each message.


The Series S is a different approach to next-gen

“I don’t know.”

Even leaving aside the pandemic for a moment, this has been an exhilarating and exasperating move to a new

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