Digital business strategies rely upon good connections

With a widespread need to reskill employees in the ‘new normal’, global tech giant CGI has delivered a framework  for firms that explains how technology can accelerate adaptation

BUSINESSES are being urged to urgently develop their technological capibilities in order to cope with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

As the disruption caused by the virus continues, global technology  giant CGI has put forward a wide-ranging framework for tackling the crisis and saving the economy.

Lindsay McGranaghan, vice-president of CGI in Scotland, is now calling for companies to take advantage of the insights in the report to help them adapt and thrive in the ‘new normal’.

The White Paper has been drawn up by CGI’s president and CEO George D Schindler and it outlines his belief that it is more important than ever to focus on how to create value in the face of unprecedented change.

He points out

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