Congress’s failure to pass stimulus carries devastating consequences for workers, small businesses

  • Congress is gearing up for a major Supreme Court nomination battle, absorbing most of the attention away from another coronavirus relief bill.
  • The GOP’s swift action on the high court appointment is a stark contrast to their reluctance to approve additional stimulus spending earlier this year.
  • “It’s like coasting up a mountain where every further inch that you go, you risk stopping and begin to go backwards,” Evercore policy economist Ernie Tedeschi said.
  • The prospect of additional aid to individuals and businesses is extremely slim before Americans cast their ballots on November 3, given the Supreme Court battle underway.
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With a fierce Supreme Court replacement battle underway, Congress is shifting its attention away from passing another coronavirus relief package. Senate Republicans under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are moving swiftly to confirm a third Supreme Court justice appointed by President Donald Trump.

It’s a

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