Owners of Coney Island amusement park calls for relief after state denies reopening proposal

The owners of Coney Island’s amusement park say they are “extremely in danger” after COVID-19 restrictions prevented them from opening all summer, and are calling on the government to grant them emergency relief. 

Any sort of assistance — such as a lease extension, rent forgiveness, loan, or tax abatement — would significantly lighten the business’ financial burden, owners said, adding that the state hasn’t responded to their proposals or demands since June.  

“The fact that to this date — we are now in the middle of September — we have never received not one piece of communication, one precise feedback about why we are not open, that is really crushing,” said Alessando Zamperla, the owner of Luna Park, at a Sept. 15 press conference. “The financial situation of our company is extremely

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