Why you shouldn’t buy from a supplier that competes with you for business

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a sudden, steep rise in national and international bandwidth demand in South Africa, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), wireless ISPs (WISPs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) were competing fiercely for enterprise and domestic customers seeking ever-lower cost and more reliable connectivity.

The competition has now become even more intense, with increasing numbers of South Africans needing high bandwidth connectivity from home to support remote working, and their social networking and online entertainment needs.

So, the news that award-winning capacity wholesaler WIOCC is continuing its policy of not competing for end-user business should be very welcome to all existing players.

Instead of competing with them, WIOCC will continue to invest the proceeds from its sales in South Africa into further enhancing the capacity, reach and capabilities of its hyperscale network – for the benefit of all its customers.

Unique connectivity proposition

This committed pan-African wholesaler has

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