Communicating A New Language For Management In The Business Of The 21st Century

Last week’s column began with the circuitous journey of exploring a more comprehensive understanding of defining a new management style through the lens of disability. It is through this lens that several archetypal themes were introduced, a triumvirate of impressions that express a different way to tackle the challenges that the business faces in the years ahead. ResiliencePatience, and Adaptation serve as the basis for this newfangled thinking that emanates from the lived experience of disability providing a bridge to extrapolate the value of shaping a new language of disability through the framework of management theory and practice. 

Before making the foray into valuing this new language of management, let us begin by illustrating one of the key archetypal themes that provide the structure for this modern idiom, resilience.  The concept of resilience has been a central theme for those living with disabilities being defined as having

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