Trevor Silver, CEO of Exusia, Comments on the Outlook for Business Analytics Market

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2020 / The business landscape in the past three decades has been shaped by the exponential build-up of data and the rise of innovative technologies that have created entire new sectors of the economy. Mobile devices and cloud-based solutions are among the most transformative developments in recent years, dramatically impacting not only consumer behaviors and preferences but also business models.

“Driven by the need to operate efficiently and competitively in an increasingly digitized world, enterprises are embracing innovative tools and processes to extract maximum value from their vast data troves,” comments Trevor Silver, founder and CEO of leading analytics, data engineering, and cloud computing solutions provider Exusia. “Today’s corporations can gain an advantage through the application of business analytics, deriving benefits such as improved decision-making, greater process and cost efficiencies, enhanced financial performance, and smarter planning. As data collections continue to expand, demand

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