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Herschel Walker claps back at Biden’s Antifa is ‘an idea’ comment

Former NFL star Herschel Walker turned to Twitter Thursday to take issue with a Trump-Biden debate moment regarding far-left and far-right groups and the roles they play in unrest that has rocked cities across the country.

“The Proud Boys, I’ve never heard of,” Walker said in a video he shared. “So I was confused why [debate moderator] Chris Wallace would ask the president about the Proud Boys. ‘Cuz I’ve never seen the Proud Boys break any windows, assault any police officer, kill anyone. Never seen them destroy a business, try to intimidate anyone, destroy a restaurant, but I have seen BLM and Antifa do that.”

He then took issue with former Vice President Joe Biden’s characterization of Antifa as just an “idea” – which came days after the Trump administration moved to designate it a “terrorist organization.”


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Comment: For success, more students need education, training

By Barbara Hulit and Daria Willis / For The Herald

Recent months have caused hardship for students, families and communities across Snohomish County as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty runs deep about what the new school year will bring, how families will manage unstable financial situations, and how we collectively fight and recover from the pandemic.

A new report from the Washington Roundtable and Partnership for Learning explores lessons we can apply from the Great Recession to circumstances today. For example, people of color, young adults and individuals with a high school education or less are disproportionately affected in economic downturns. Additionally, workers who complete a post-high school credential fare far better during the downturn and in recovery. Finally, postsecondary enrollment grows in times of recession, but it is credential completion — finishing that degree, apprenticeship or certificate — that matters.

Early data from this new recession tell us

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