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Gallagher, combined with COVID, is strangling small business

While Gallagher’s intentions were good, to prevent unaffordable home property taxes during a period of rising values, the result is a threat to the lifeblood of the local economy. All it did was transfer taxes from homes to business. The only way you won’t pay for it is if you don’t work for a living, or shop here. The increased taxes paid by businesses have to be passed on through higher prices and fewer jobs.

Gallagher is the poster child of unintended consequences and why tax law should be statutory, not constitutional. No one knew the escalating burden that would be placed on business. It has caused commercial property taxes to rise at an unsustainable rate.

This could not be at a worse time when small businesses have either closed or are headed to oblivion due to the massive pandemic job loss. Depending on the sector, businesses are down up

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Local brothers start meal prepping business, lose 300 pounds combined

HOUSTON – Three brothers start a meal prepping business and lose 300 pounds combined after losing their mother.

Abe Pena’s journey to success started with a bit of inspiration from his mother.

“She was having health problems and going to dialysis, having kidney failures and it got to the point where she had to be on a diet plan. She was asking me to cook stuff for her and I didn’t know how, so she said I’m going to show you how,” Pena said.

At the time, Pena was struggling with his own health and weighed in at over 300 pounds. He started cooking for his mom, Lourdes, working out and eventually decided to start up his own meal-prepping business called Abe’s Fitty Foods.

As the business started to grow, Pena’s mother died and the boys lost their home. Abe and his brothers, Gus and Rudy, struggled with the loss.

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Transit Wireless Promotes Louise Butler Golding to a Combined People and Business Operations Leadership Role

Transit Wireless Promotes Louise Butler Golding to a Combined People and Business Operations Leadership Role

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Recognizing the exponentially increasing value of human capital in driving operational performance and growth, wireless infrastructure company Transit Wireless has promoted Louise Butler Golding to Senior Vice President of People and Business Operations. Golding is based in New York City and reports directly to Melinda White, chief executive officer of Transit Wireless.

“Today the most successful, world-class companies understand the critical role of their people in delivering operational outcomes,” said White. “What Louise brings to her new position is an invaluable understanding of organizational effectiveness and how it drives operational effectiveness. Combining the staff function and line function under Louise’s lead will help advance our growth in 5G by leveraging her value as a seasoned business executive, trusted advisor, and member of our senior leadership team.”


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