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Need help recruiting workers? Follow these ideas from Alabama business leaders | Columnists

Like most companies, for salary employees and employees of the two older workforce generations, conversations are centered around benefits, flexibility, work-from-home options and how well your company takes care of its employees.

But what if the situation is reversed and you don’t have a labor pool to hire from?

“We spent time looking at why people were leaving and started addressing it,” says Larry Burton of Wellborn Cabinet, which is the largest cabinet manufacturer in the US, and manages to get 1,400 employees to drive 30 minutes one way to work every day.

Wellborn Cabinet knew they had to bring the people to them and set long-term strategies in motion to move toward becoming not just a place people wanted to work, but THE place people wanted to work in Clay County.

Their benefits for employees and amenities are extensive – hiring bonuses, Pal Pay bonuses for getting your friends

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Chapman: Why It Failed: A Detailed Look into the City’s Unsuccessful Proposal for a New Outdoor Bus Facility | Columnists

To determine the potential impact on property values, we hired SKJ Real Estate Consulting, a commercial appraiser whose clients include VDOT and the IRS. Specifically, we wanted to know how the facility would affect the Norfolk & Western Building, the most meaningful structure in our neighborhood. It determined:

1. Buildings on the block of Campbell Court sold at significantly lower values compared to similar buildings nearby. (We believe this is tied to the unchecked loitering, drinking and related problems allowed outside of the facility and not the facility itself or its customers.)

2. Polls of local real estate professionals showed large majorities believe closing Campbell Court would help surrounding property values and a relocation to Salem Avenue would hurt surrounding property values. It would, “likely be more severe to residential uses.”

3. It would be hurt by Class V Conditions, including noise, bus exhaust pollution and increased loitering.

4. The

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Tricia Fairfax column: Helping Black-owned small businesses survive online | Columnists

In June, when our national reckoning on racial justice sparked widespread interest in supporting Black-owned businesses, my sales skyrocketed. The unwavering support from social media is what made 2020 my best year in business yet. It allowed me to upgrade my machinery, and get even closer to my goal of hiring workers and having my own studio.

While the online economy has helped me stay afloat during this difficult time, I know that isn’t true for everyone. Black-owned businesses are highly concentrated in retail and restaurants — industries that are most affected by shutdowns and social distancing.

And though we’ve needed more help, we’ve been less likely to get it: Only 12% of Black-owned businesses received the federal COVID-19 assistance they requested, compared to half of small businesses overall.

That’s sadly par for the course in a country where systemic racism is alive and well, and Black entrepreneurs have a

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