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Guest column: Sound planning is the backbone of responsible redevelopment at Brunswick Landing

A lot has happened at the former base, now called Brunswick Landing, Maine’s Center for Innovation, following the U.S. government’s decision to close Naval Air Station Brunswick in 2005 and its subsequent closure in 2011.

Well before the NASB disestablishment ceremony took place in May 2011, the Brunswick Local Redevelopment Authority (BLRA); a group of area citizens, local and state leaders, including members of the State Legislature and Brunswick Town Council, collaborated on what is known as the NASB Reuse Master Plan, which is implemented by MRRA. The development of the Plan was an intensive eighteen-month process, incorporating a substantial public engagement element, which included significant involvement by area citizens, civilian base employees and students from Brunswick, Mt. Ararat and Morse High schools. Adopted in 2007, the Reuse Master Plan serves as the foundation for the redevelopment effort for the former base. Its vision  called for:

  • A science and technology
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Column: Auto dealers face a business revolution as EVs gain market share | Money

Dealers say they’re willing to sell whatever consumers want to buy. But they also say that consumer preferences reflect dynamic factors in the marketplace, including the price of gasoline, and that the auto industry hasn’t been especially skilled at anticipating those factors.

“When gas prices went up, everyone wanted compacts,” Holter recalls. “Then when they stopped going up anymore, we were stuck with all this inventory.”

Dealers may also be wary of EVs because they know that the advanced vehicles are destined to upend their traditional business model.

“Very few dealers make money selling new cars,” says Howard Drake, the owner of Casa Automotive Group — which includes Casa de Cadillac and Subaru, GMC and Buick dealerships, all in Sherman Oaks. “You make all your margin fixing cars” — that is, through repair and warranty service.

The maintenance costs of EVs are as much as one-third lower than those of

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Column: 6 months into COVID-19 fight, Hawaii resets with new leaders and action plan

Hawaii is at a critical point in our battle with the coronavirus, and over the past couple of weeks, we’ve made progress on many fronts and are finally turning the corner.

This pandemic is the biggest challenge Hawaii has faced in a generation. I know many are feeling COVID fatigue, but we can’t let up now. We must remain hyper- focused and continue to make responsible choices to protect public health. With everyone’s continued sacrifice and diligence, the number of new cases will continue to decline. This is the only way to ensure we don’t slide backwards.

Last week, I announced the Oct. 15 start of our pre-travel testing program. This program was developed over several months with input from many sectors. It balances the need for protecting public health while alleviating the economic hardship on our state. Travel will increase gradually throughout the year, assuming we can prevent a

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Tricia Fairfax column: Helping Black-owned small businesses survive online | Columnists

In June, when our national reckoning on racial justice sparked widespread interest in supporting Black-owned businesses, my sales skyrocketed. The unwavering support from social media is what made 2020 my best year in business yet. It allowed me to upgrade my machinery, and get even closer to my goal of hiring workers and having my own studio.

While the online economy has helped me stay afloat during this difficult time, I know that isn’t true for everyone. Black-owned businesses are highly concentrated in retail and restaurants — industries that are most affected by shutdowns and social distancing.

And though we’ve needed more help, we’ve been less likely to get it: Only 12% of Black-owned businesses received the federal COVID-19 assistance they requested, compared to half of small businesses overall.

That’s sadly par for the course in a country where systemic racism is alive and well, and Black entrepreneurs have a

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