‘Business as usual’ for Natural Colors as Chr. Hansen launches yellow and blue

The blue, to be marketed as FruitMax Blue 1506 WS, is derived from the ‘one globally accepted source of blue colour’: spirulina.

Perhaps better known by nutraceutical companies, rather than those in the food world, the blue-green algae will help confectioners colour fruit flavours such as bubble gum, blue raspberry, or blueberry, noted the ingredients supplier.

“Some of the best spirulina-based products, until now, needed to be pre-dispersed at production, which can be messy, difficult and inefficient for the producers,” ​said Global Industry Business Manager, Confectionery, Lotte Jeppesen.

“We have seen a built-up demand for precisely this product – it’s an easy and convenient solution for all types of boiled sweets, and it performs well in both sugar-free and sugar-based applications.”

Turmeric yellow, but without the off taste

At the same time, the Danish business has also launched FruitMax Yellow 1000 WSS – a colouring foods turmeric that

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