Entrepreneurs Color Too coloring book business a pleasant distraction during COVID-19 in Wake Forest, North Carolina

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) — Pull up a chair at the dining room table in Latoya Nicole’s Wake Forest home.

Spread out are various journals, coloring books, and colored pencils, all of her own creation.

Latoya explains how Entrepreneurs Color Too came to be.

“I was at work. And I was frustrated and overwhelmed,” She said. So she pulled out a coloring book and coloring pencils. “And I started to feel calmer.”

After that, her business birthed.

“When I started researching, I noticed there were no other coloring books on the market that looked like me,” she said, “so I knew I had to create it.”

Her best seller – 24 Shades of Business – highlights women on the job throughout various professions.

Entrepreneurs Color Too even offers a mommy and me book – Me and My, which was created out of the pandemic as an idea for something parents

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